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Shares a number of tried and tested frameworks that lay out the strategies, tactics, automation techniques, measuring progress indicators and people relationships required to continually grow. Here is one...

The four pillars are:


takes us into a four dimensional journey where we take an inside out look at our internal and external resources. We explore Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit for the purposes of ascertaining our reality, based on real time and hard data and not fantasy or wishful thinking.


in this step we begin the process of exchanging OLD for GOLD. This simple yet powerful exercise sets the stage for lasting change, whilst addressing deep beliefs, false evidence from which we need to disenthrall ourselves, and patterns of behaviour that maybe holding us back from personal growth.


at this level we can clearly look back and see how far we have come, and as we look forward, we start to be purposeful about our learning. This is where we start to use our strategies to learn how to learn.


It is here that we experience the difference between addition and multiplication, begin to pass the baton to others so they themselves can start their own journey and become “WHOLE” persons, congruent and although never perfect, acutely aware of their meaning and purpose in life and business.

Our focus is to learn to cultivate depth of relationship, with growth minded individuals and organizations that want to make a difference by designing and living extraordinary lives, in their world first, then out in the world of family, friendships, and business. We echo the words of Confucius “The Ancients who wished to illustrate illustrious virtue throughout the kingdom first ordered well their own states. Wishing to order well their states, they first regulated their families. Wishing to regulate their families, they first cultivated their person.”

Some say, If I am reaching my goals and achieving success, why should i take care of developing myself as a leader?

We believe that continual growth is the separator of those who succeed long term from those who do not. To grow we must be intentional. A growth consciousness focuses on the journey, it matures you and others, it is life long, it changes you, keeps you growing beyond the goal. A goal consciousness, on the other hand, focuses on a destination, motivates you and others, it is seasonal, challenges you, but stops when the goal is reached.

If you think growing and becoming better than you currently are, together with other growth minded people, will add value to your life and business, will you please email me today?
We practice total client confidentiality , and therefore do not disclose the names of clients we have worked for.

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The little person inside

So today what will it be? will you start or continue to set your little person free, and become all you could be? or will you put on your persona (mask) and forget again, what you were created to be?


When we feel denied , we act justified by reason and defy love. It is the separation from love that leads people to be satisfied by the fruit but living forever separated from relationship.