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"No one is ever disciplined into being or doing something. It happens gradually and in stages. It is the Word spoken at every step, the willingness to submit and the patience to endure that ultimately delivers excellence through discipline. So relax, take a deep breath and keep going, a fall is a warning not failure."

At MRC, we love discipline, we love it because we understand its meaning, purpose and value to life and business. Now, to simplify this we have adopted and codified what discipline is to its core practical elements:

DISCIPLINE is a Commitment to the truth, Taking responsibility, Delaying gratification and Balancing both judgement and emotion. Everything we share with our client leaders stems from this seed of discipline. If you would like to learn more about how we can work together and explore the many ways we can add value to your life and business, please contact carlos@mrc.hk

The little person inside

So today what will it be? will you start or continue to set your little person free, and become all you could be? or will you put on your persona (mask) and forget again, what you were created to be?


When we feel denied , we act justified by reason and defy love. It is the separation from love that leads people to be satisfied by the fruit but living forever separated from relationship.

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